New Book :        “EMERGENCE”

Dear Friends and Family,

A note from Paul about Susan’s new book! We’re proud to announce it’s now available! We’re sure you’ll enjoy it! To purchase, go to the publisher’s website: They manage all distribution. 135 pages in full color with photographs and artwork $20. + shipping & handling

In the book, Susan says: “From the transcendent butterfly phase of my life, I reflect back with love and understanding on my emergence. My hope is that my words will guide other people to savor every phase of life through to the last.”

Emergence  will be featured starting in January, 2022, as a series of videos illuminating the author’s beautiful life and her powerful philosophy and practices, on, an innovative website for “grownups” and those who love them.
Emergence  has something to offer everyone. The party never has to end, though sometimes tears do flow. Join the author and celebrate your own life “through poetry and motion.”

Live Your Now!

“Live Your Now!” is a unique guide for yoga and non-yoga students to grasp the concept of chakras and learn ways to use their power to enhance one’s life.

Live Your Now! illuminates the power of the seven chakras and gratitude, and how knowledge and the practice of them support one’s physical, mental and spiritual health. The chakras can be a point of entry into increased awareness, enabling us to listen and respond to life experiences with heightened vitality – actually enhancing communication between our brain and body.

Certified Yoga instructor Susan Cambigue – Tracey teams with co-author Dr. Sandra Fallon, a cardiologist, and scientist, to make this book unique and powerful. Readers will find each section written from both their viewpoints: yoga and science. Each chakra is illustrated with dynamic artwork by artist, Sylvia Hamilton Goulden. The book presents the authors’ insights for readers to follow and practice. There are photos, affirmations, and text to guide a simple meditation based on the seven chakras and gratitude.

This book contains the wisdom of both Susan and Sandra.  They have each overcome many challenges in life and the tools they share with readers are rooted in the knowledge they gained from personal struggle and the difficulties they have faced.  Susan shares a deeply personal story of finding forgiveness after a terrible accident led to her daughter’s death at age 19. But, this is not a sad book, but rather a book filled with hope and guidance that leads to increased joy and enlightenment.

Yoga Moments with Susan | Youtube channel

This book is unique in its use of scientific research to support yoga and spiritual knowledge that helps awaken the mind and senses. Live Your Now is presented in an accessible way and is accompanied by expressive artwork that illuminates the concepts. With increased awareness and targeted practice, most people can greatly improve their health and develop a joyous vitality. It has clear definitions for each of the seven chakras. There is a simple meditation with hand positions that connect us to each energy wheel along our spine. Combined with specific, easy breathing techniques, we can connect this moving meditation with simple mantras, such as: “Our power is always in the present moment.”

“Grounded Freedom” by Sylvia Goulden

“Transcending Time and Space” by Sylvia Goulden

Ready to Make a Change?

With Susan Cambigue Tracey and Dr. Sandra Fallon