You are invited to
“SHIFTPOETRY™ Honors Breast Cancer Awareness Month”
a special Zoom workshop co-hosted by Barbara Ligeti, Howard Kern and
Susan Cambigue Tracey, a breast cancer survivor and member of the
ShiftPoetry community.
Tuesday, October 20th from 1:30 to 3:30 PDT and 4:30 to 6:30 EDT.
This event is free of charge.
To enroll, text your name and email address to 310-800-0440
or email your RSVP to

“Cancer is certainly a wake-up call!
Live every moment fully – without fear, sadness, anger, regret!
That’s what cancer did for me –
A tedious journey to wake me up!”
Excerpted from “Cancer – Wake up to Living” by Susan Cambigue-Tracey
[To read the entire poem, click here.]

If you’ve had cancer, if you have it, if someone you care for has it, or if it is
simply a concern for you, join us on Zoom for this life-affirming workshop.

SHIFTPOETRY™ is a promptly driven workshop series for improving your state of mind through writing spontaneously. It is an exercise in self-reflection,
self-expression, and self-healing in order to free the mind, confront one’s emotions, and promote a feeling of personal well-being. ShiftPoetry is not a
writing tutorial, it is a self-help system, a method of personal expression, and a coping aid. Created by Barbara Ligeti and Howard Kern, the goal is to help participants find greater personal understanding and emotional healing – to write yourself from dark to light, one stanza at a time.

For further information go to or
Call or text Barbara Ligeti @ 310-800-0440

Yoga for Life Level 1/2:

Description: A class to integrate your body, mind, and spirit through a wide range of classical yoga poses. Improve your ability to move with fluid grace, grounded by a balance between strength and flexibility. Practice using the breath as personal power to focus your mind and lift your spirit.  This class will be a complement to other forms of body practices. Geared to levels 1-2, but all levels welcome.

Materials: yoga mat required; wear clothes easy to move in and a sweatshirt for warmth (if needed), bare feet

 Optional: yoga belt, block, blanket, cushion, water bottle, eye pillow for relaxation

 Basic class: “Yoga for Life” 

Each 75-minute class includes a full array of poses, including Sun Salutations, and will also have a special theme, or emphasis, so that optimum awareness can develop within each student. Here are a few examples of themes that will build sequentially:

• Change – Nurture Yourself with Acceptance and Compassion

• Cultivate Self-love as You Practice

• Listen to Your Body and Respond to What is Needed and Wanted

• Seek your Equilibrium

Each class will begin with a brief meditation for focus, breath awareness, a warm-up of joints and muscles, a sequence of level I-2 poses with clear instruction and alignment- including sun salutations, and ending with deep relaxation.                              

Chair Yoga



Chair yoga has all of the benefits of traditional yoga but without needing to be on the floor.  Based on the values, breathing techniques and poses of yoga, it helps people of all ages and physical conditions to become stronger, more flexible, increase coordination and endurance and heal body conditions and weaknesses.


Yoga is based on the idea of integration of the body, mind and spirit.  It helps us find a balance between flexibility and strength, develop a focused mind and coordinate our breath with movement to increase our power and health. 


Sitting on a yoga mat placed on the floor is replaced by sitting on a chair – sometimes using two chairs to provide more possibilities. Most traditional yoga poses can be modified to sitting in a chair. 


There are three levels to each pose – easy, medium and more advanced.

Materials: chair, strap, 6” ball (optional),

My Chair Yoga Mentor is Lakshmi Voelker-Binder

Goorus Yoga

15327 Sunset Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90272

(310) 310-3590

“It is what it is!” –  a Yoga Wisdom Tale – “Accept what is; don’t judge it – when you do your best, you learn to accept yourself.   Be aware and learn from your mistakes.”   Don Miguel Ruiz

With Susan Cambigue Tracey

Virtual Classes: go to the Goorus Website and register

Monday: Chair Yoga –  9:00 – 10:00 PSTWednesday: Chair Yoga – 12:15 – 1:15. PSTFriday:  Chair Yoga – 12:15 – 1:15 PST

Yoga for Life Studio

340 N. Las Casas Ave. Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Virtual Classes: contact

Wednesday: Hatha Yoga, Level 1/2. 4:30 – 6:00 PST

Saturday: Hatha Yoga, Level 1/2 9:30-11:00 PST

  In Los Angeles, California, where I live, gyms and yoga studios have been closed for more than three months.  But, out of limitations, new ideas are born. The challenge, of course, is to see if you have the skills and knowledge to back up your solutions to a problem.

  I live in Los Angeles, California.  We have been in a “lock-down” state for over three months.  Although things are beginning to open bit by bit, we are still wearing masks and keeping the social distance – at least where I live.  As a yoga instructor, I have moved all of my classes to a virtual platform.  The plus side of this is that I can service more students in each class and people across the country and even in Europe can sign on to a class.  So, I have students from New York, London, and Germany – which is a delight!



  With new challenges or limitations, we are all forced to find new ways to live, work, and connect with each other.  Even when classes can again be held in yoga studios, I will still continue to have my classes available virtually because it makes coming to class easier – no driving, no parking problem, no babysitters needed, and people can remain in a zen-like state for longer – even helping people to sleep more easily and soundly.



“Black Lives Matter” Protest

in the Pacific Palisades Village, California on Sunday.

June 7, 2020
With Susan Cambigue Tracey

Ready to Make a Change?

With Susan Cambigue Tracey and Dr. Sandra Fallon